VitaminSpice, LLC announced yesterday that Angelo’s restaurant has ordered, received, and now serves VitaminSpice. Angelo’s was voted The Best Pizza in Cleveland and the 2010 Winner of the “Silver Spoon Award” sponsored by Cleveland Magazine.

Mr. Elvis Serrano also placed further orders for his high-end Italian restaurant, The Grand River Grill, in Lakewood, Ohio. He will be using VitaminSpice products in his catering business as well. This is because the product was so well received and utilized by customers at Angelo’s.

The Grand River Grill places VitaminSpice products on each table so customers can increase the nutritional value of their meals. Parents have commented that they love the option to provide additional vitamins for their children. The Italian restaurant is considering adding cinnamon for customers that wish to add health benefits to their coffee and/or dessert offerings.

Mr. Serrano said, “I love my customers and I want them to have a fantastic experience at my restaurants. After seeing VitaminSpice, I knew that this would also add nutritional benefits to our menu. My customers can add a little VitaminSpice Garlic or Crushed Red Pepper and they receive the benefits of a multi-vitamin, including Vitamin C and B Complex. The best part about VitaminSpice is that all my customers taste is the delicious food they ordered and their personal preferences in seasonings.”

Mr. Serrano recently traveled to the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas to check out innovations in the industry. “Elvis was one of the first people to come by our booth at the Pizza Expo. Elvis immediately understood the nutritional benefits for his customers and wanted to order VitaminSpice products for his businesses, ASAP,” stated Edward Bukstel, CEO, of VitaminSpice.

VitaminSpice, LLC is a pioneer in the emerging foodceutical industry. They sell vitamin-, mineral- and antioxidant-infused spices, and food products. The Company’s product offerings include Crushed Red Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Ground Cinnamon, and Granulated Garlic. All of VitaminSpice’s products are kosher with all-natural spices, free of dairy and nuts, and 100 percent vegetarian. In addition, they are free of additives, preservatives, and coloring, and are calorie-free. They are also free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as gluten-free.

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