Early production-stage hydrogen generation firm AlumiFuel Power Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AlumiFuel Power Corp., announced today that production of their AlumiFuel cartridges has begun.

The cartridges will provide the fuel for the company’s Portable Balloon Inflation System 1000 (PBIS-1000). Three of these units were recently purchased by Kaymont Consolidated Industries – the world’s largest distributor of weather balloons – on behalf of an unspecified military customer. The cartridges will be manufactured by ActionPak Inc., a world-class packaging and assembly company with a 30-year industry pedigree.

The company’s 32-ounce cartridges, filled with aluminum powder and proprietary additives, are inserted into two reactor vessels on the PBIS-1000 to generate 1,000 liters of hydrogen in 20 minutes once water is pumped into the cartridges. AlumiFuel Power has designed the cartridge to withstand the necessary temperatures and pressures, while maintaining its integrity. The company and ActionPak have devised and implemented a process to produce the cartridges efficiently and cost-effectively.

AlumiFuel Power’s PBIS-1000 portable hydrogen generator, along with ten cartridges, generates the same amount of hydrogen (5,000 liters) as a heavy and hard-to-handle K-Cylinder. By replacing highly pressurized K-Cylinders, the company’s system greatly reduces the cost and danger of transporting hydrogen. This makes the gas more readily available in remote and other inaccessible locations, as well as for portable applications.

The company’s proprietary technology should help AlumiFuel Power expand quickly into the market for lift gas fuel. This is a $70 million global market and is expected to continue growing rapidly with more than 1 million weather balloons and special purpose balloons launched annually for various uses such as telecom relay, cloud height measurement and military/national security applications.