Today, Canadian company Profire Energy, Inc. announced that it has purchased warehouse and office space in Lindon, Utah. The decision follows its focus on efforts to expand into U.S. markets. The facility will serve as the company’s U.S. headquarters, while the Canadian headquarters will remain in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

The new facility is designated for inventory storage and assembly of products and systems for sale and shipment throughout the U.S., ensuring a reliable source of off-the-shelf product supply, faster lead times and decreased shipping costs. Overall, customers will receive enhanced services at a better value.

Brenton W. Hatch, CEO of Profire, commented, “We believe that establishing a formal presence in the U.S. is critical to our efforts to deliver the same reliable services and products we deliver in Canada to the many oil and gas producers and distributors in the energy rich regions of the United States.”

Company COO Harold Albert added, “Although we have not actively marketed in the United States, we do receive frequent orders for systems and our products have been well received. We are now looking to proactively cater directly to the needs of U.S.-based producers. The new facility will provide a convenient way to serve this market segment.”