Episode 6 of Season 13 of “Project Runway” had some initial firepower. Tim Gunn brought in burlesque dancer and fashion designer Dita Von Teese to introduce a challenge for alternative wedding dresses. They assured the designers there were no rules in this challenge. They could go as crazy and weird as they wanted, but they needed to create two looks: a wedding-ceremony outfit and a reception outfit. Two outfits meant two designers, so this was a team challenge.


The drama began before the challenge was even announced. While they were hanging out in their apartments, Korina told Amanda she was “a phony,” and Char told Amanda all of her wins were taken away from other people who deserved them.

“Don’t even think about it. Just do you,” Korina said. But, of course, that wasn’t possible after the two were paired up for the challenge. The two stuck to their own ideas. Korina made a tuxedo-inspired wedding outfit, while Amanda made a reception dress with layered pieces of fabric cut into triangle shapes. When Tim checked in, he questioned whether Korina had enough innovation in her design.

“I’m not going to do something weird, I’m just not,” Korina told Amanda.

Korina’s pants weren’t even started when the models came in to be dressed (not fitted, dressed for the show), so Amanda made the pants for her. They had to sew the model into the trousers.

Nobody had much sympathy for Korina. “Korina came in thinking she’s the best and treated everyone badly. And now she knows she’s in trouble,” Sandhya said.

Surprisingly, they were the only team the judges didn’t want to talk to. They were not in the top or the bottom, so they were safe.

The other team having trouble was Sandhya and Char. The construction of Char’s leather bodice was not working, but Sandhya wasn’t too worried. She felt Char’s looks usually seemed like messes halfway through, but she always pulled them together in time. Tim was more concerned. Char decided to put lace on top of the leather.

Top Team

Kini: Kini worked with Sean and created a structured masculine look. His knee-length dress was tailored with a blazerlike top with a feminine ruffle at the bottom.

“I think this is the dream team,” Zac Posen said. Nina Garcia didn’t love the ruffle, but she had to admit Kini can make dresses very well.

Sean: Sean flipped the masculine and feminine parts and put tuxedo pants on the bottom with a flowing white top. Sean didn’t mention Kini made most of the top on his outfit, but he did say Kini deserved to win.

“It is the same girl. That didn’t always happen today,” Heidi Klum said. Heidi loved the look, but she wasn’t sure it was dressy enough for a wedding.

Bottom Teams

Char: Sandhya’s and Char’s looks were rushed and almost unfinished. “This is not one of my proudest moments as a designer,” Char said as her reception look went down the runway. The bright yellow leather did not work out correctly, so Char tried to cover it with other pieces of fabric.

The judges thought it looked like she threw a bunch of scraps together, and they could still see the leather was uneven and improperly constructed.

Sandhya: “To me, it’s an epic fail,” Heidi said. Sandhya’s wedding dress used a sort of knotting method on the bodice that wasn’t really finished. The designer lost too much time creating that portion of the dress, so the draping on the skirt didn’t look polished or professional.

“Really my takeaway was Big Bird and Tweedy Bird,” Zac said. Upon closer inspection, Sandhya’s dress wasn’t well made. “They kind of look like bad prom dresses,” said guest judge Chiara Ferragni, a fashion blogger and model.

Emily: Emily and Fade created darker looks. “It’s very cliché,” Dita said. It was a gothic wedding dress with a black lace veil, long lace sleeves and a black dress with cutouts that revealed peach beneath the dress. Dita felt it was “a parody of a goth.” Heidi didn’t mind the dress or the drama that came with it, but Nina felt it had too much going on. She would have liked Emily to choose either the sleeves or the veil.

Fade: Fade’s short reception dress didn’t have the gothic feel of Emily’s wedding dress. He painted on the fabric and it was well constructed, yet it wasn’t very inspired. No one was particularly impressed with his look. Heidi liked his dress, but it didn’t feel connected to the wedding dress.

Alexander: Samantha’s and Alexander’s red dresses didn’t make the judges very happy. Alexander’s wedding dress was too much, with the white applique over the burgundy lace. He used the white over most of the torso, and it felt top-heavy. He also had a seam where the shirt started to flare out. It looked cheap to the judges.

Samantha: The judges acknowledged her look at least went with Alexander’s wedding dress, but they still didn’t like it. She used the burgundy lace with burgundy appliques on the dress. And she used the appliques a little more sparingly than did Alexander, but it still didn’t feel original. “It feels like a chain mall. Stretch lace and embroidery patches? I feel like I’ve been there, done that,” Zac said. The ombré effect on the bottom didn’t work out, either. The judges compared it to a wine stain.

Winner: Sean

“This should’ve been my win. I basically made three pieces of the collection, and he made the pants. I was robbed,” Kini said.

Eliminated: Char

Tim said he would have used his save for her if they were a few weeks further into the competition.

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