The news that the little Slovakia will change her NO vote to YES in later date fueled the Eur to shoot up another 2 big figures. We were trapped. Sit tight with short with stop at daily kumo upper band 1.4050.


Eur's upsurge spilled over to Gbp. We were short, sit tight with stop at 1.6050.


Our short was stopped out. Suggest to sit aside.


The bull wagon get started. Sit tight with long with stop at 75.90.


We cancelled our stop buy suggestion and the cross shot up. Chartwise, buy on dip is the only choice. Suggest to build long at 1.2010. If fill, stop at 118.80.


Chart turned very bullish. Buy on dip. 105.30 should be a good level to build long position. If fill, stop at 104.20.


The up move momentum did not match the huge volatility in the FX market. Suggest to sit aside.

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