Headquartered in Mountainside, New Jersey, Proteonomix Inc. is a biotechnology company trading on the Pink Sheets. Their corporate focus is on developing therapeutics based upon the use of human cells and their derivatives. The Company is developing proteins and cell therapies to treat a wide range of diseases. Proteonomix Inc. has facilities at several academic institutions.

Proteonomix is currently focusing on cosmetics, anti aging, and injury products. Their research and development program has produced over ten patent applications and they have multiple products ready to market. The Company’s subsidiary Proteoderm, Inc. commercializes the product line up. In the first quarter of this year, the Company’s new line of anti aging skin care products will hit the marketplace.

Proteonomix is developing a platform for the growth of contaminant-free human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines. This platform may become the backbone of future stem cell research and the Company will make this available to researchers for study. They forecast commercialization of this product in the first quarter of this year.

The Proteonomix Cord Blood Bank is another initiative the Company is undertaking. This is to meet the need for transplant grade umbilical cord blood stem cells. They are looking to collect donated cord blood samples to maintain a database of high-resolution HLA (human leukocyte antigen) typed and tested stem cells. This is to speed the matching process, and they are utilizing an affiliate network of obstetricians and hospitals to accomplish this goal.

Proteonomix’s goal is to collect, process, and store cord blood units combining the concepts of autologous (storing units for the benefit of the donor) and allogeneic (storing units for use by the general population). The Company also has a goal of addressing the lack of genetic diversity in existing cord blood banks. They will launch a marketing program to increase participation of minority groups under-represented in the pool of available stem cell units. This will allow recipients from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds access to life-saving cord blood units.

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