Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., subsidiary of Provision Holding Inc., provides interactive 3D holographic display technologies, software and integrated solutions. The company secured a partnership with Ping Mobile to put a twist on its mobile marketing displays.

The deal will allow Provision’s 3D Media Center platform to serve as an integrated point-of-sale in malls, airports and other high-traffic public locations, a move that Position said it expects to fuel on-site sales.

“Mobile marketing serves as both an acquisition and retention tool for retailers and brands,” Curt Thornton, CEO of Provision stated in the press release. “By adding a mobile marketing capability to our 3D holographic displays, we are able to offer our clients a leading-edge technology that will directly result in location-based sales.”

The 3D Media Centers will offer consumers special deals they can use with near-by retailers, benefiting the consumer and retailer.

“When consumers respond to a call-to-action in a mall, airport, stadium or other public venue, they can retrieve discount coupons, tickets, vouchers and other printed items from Provision’s 3D Media Centers. They can then redeem those offers with the participating on-site retailers. It’s one of the most effective uses of mobile marketing, as it reaches consumers in real time, while they’re out and about in immediate proximity to the retailer,” Ping Mobile President Shira Simmonds stated.

Ping Mobile’s technology offers a variety of marketing services, applicable to SMS, MMS, IVR, WAP applications and Bluetooth. The company has retained a high-profile clientele seeking mobile marketing solutions, including Warner Brothers, Ford Motor Company, Days Inn, Disney’s Soap Channel, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Arby’s, Pizza Hut and Hawaiian Airlines.