According to a memo reportedly obtained by NeoGAF and allegedly verified by GameTrailers, Sony has authorized GameStop to accept an unlimited amount of pre-orders for the PlayStation 4.

The image of the memo that's currently being circulated, which curiously omits any company letterhead or other identifying evidence, states that Sony gave the go-ahead for GameStop to accept unlimited PS4 pre-orders. The memo states that "the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves." Take a look at an image memo below.


As you can see, the unlimited pre-order mandate does not apply to the Xbox One, but it does indicate that a "fresh allotment of units" for the Day One Edition of the Xbox One has been allocated to GameStop. We wonder what the strategy behind each of these moves is, assuming that the memo is legitimate. Microsoft could be attempting to drum up artificial demand by keeping Xbox One pre-order stocks relatively low. Meanwhile, we appreciate Sony's move to allow for unlimited PS4 pre-orders. Why force people to wait to pay for what's essentially a rain check?

What do you think of the above memo? Do you think it's legitimate? Why or why not? Will you pre-order the PS4 or the Xbox One? What are the factors that made you pick the PS4 over the Xbox One or vice versa? Sound off in the comments below.