Looking to pre-order a PS4? Your options are suddenly dwindling.

Amazon has but one PS4 variant in stock at the moment: The PlayStation 4 Standard edition, which doesn't come with any games and will ship based on availability. That means that even if you pre-ordered one right now, it could be a while until it reaches your doorstep once the console launches sometime this holiday season.


In all, Amazon offers six PS4 bundles: The PS4 Standard Edition, PS4 "Battlefield 4" and PS Plus Launch Bundle, PS4 "Killzone: Shadow Fall" PS Plus Launch Bundle, PS4 "Knack" Launch Bundle, PS4 Launch Edition and PS4 "Watch_Dogs" Launch Bundle. The PS4 Standard Edition sells for $399.99.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One Day One Edition, which was the sixth-best seller on Amazon for the entire year as of a few days ago, fell by one spot to seventh -- and we're not terribly surprised considering the Xbox One Day One Edition has not been available on Amazon for quite some time. However, we're not sure why Amazon doesn't offer any Xbox One bundles that include games. We're pretty certain those would sell well.



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