Are you a devoted fanatic of streaming game services like Twitch that allow you to spectate and watch other people play your favorite games? Are you looking forward to the game play sharing and streaming features that will be shipping with both the Xbox One and PS4 when the next-gen consoles launch later this year? If so, here's something you need to know: The PS4 records significantly more game play on a continuous basis than the Xbox One does.

Here's how the totals stack up: The PS4 records 15 minutes of your game play continuously, which you can use to edit and share online, according to a Sony rep that spoke with CVG. Meanwhile, Microsoft Studios Creative Director Ken Lobb stated at the San Diego Comic-Con that the Xbox One would record five minutes of game play, reports.

With game play streaming and sharing services like Twitch increasing in popularity, this could play a significant determining factor that could steer a sizable amount of consumer dollars away from Microsoft and straight into Sony's coffers.

What do you think of the PS4 recording 15 minutes of game play video and the Xbox One only recording five minutes of game play? Is this a significant issue for you? Why or why not? Did you or do you plan to preorder the PS4 or Xbox One? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.