While the Xbox One has had some bad press and corporate communication issues, it's currently the third best-seller on Amazon's video games page. It's also beating the PS4 by a wide margin. Check out the photo below.



Meanwhile, the PS4 has dropped to 17th. Punch, counterpunch.



Exact total sales figures are unknown, but it's interesting to see Xbox One sales rebound after Microsoft announced a change to its policies with respect to used games and DRM. We wonder whether there's a correlation between Xbox One sales and Microsoft's policy reversals.

Initially, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would restrict what you could do with used games and require the next-gen console to check in daily via the Internet. Microsoft reversed course on both issues roughly three weeks ago, announcing that the Xbox One would approach used games the same exact way that the Xbox One currently does, and that there would be no daily Internet check-in requirement. However, that reversal came with three big caveats, which you can read about here.

It'll be interesting to see whether there will be drastic shortages of either the PS4 or the Xbox One, as was the case with the PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360. Shortages of both the Wii and the PS3 were widely reported as recently as 2010, even though both consoles were released in 2006. Xbox 360 shortages were reported as recently as early 2011, which Microsoft released in 2005.

By the way, the standalone version of the PS4 is currently sold out at GameStop. Just sayin'.



What do you think of the standalone version of the PS4 selling out at GameStop? Did you preorder or do you plan to preorder the PS4? Why or why not? Do you prefer the PS4 or the Xbox One? Sound off in the comments below.