The raging psychopath that murdered a woman to death with a hammer then carved out her heart and lungs in a Queens apartment has been jailed for 29 years. Huwang Chen, the assailant, followed Qian Wu into her apartment and beat her with a hammer before stabbing her repeatedly then ending her life by choking her with a plastic rope.

The murder was the culmination of a sustained campaign of stalking and harassment by Chen according to the Times Ledger. The report states that Chen had been angry about being rejected b Wu's employment agency. The two had a fraught history in which Chen assaulted and stalked Wu several times.

During the murder, Chen is said to have pulled out her organs, leaving grotesque scene that the one of Wu's neighbors later found. The police were unable to find Wu's heart of lungs for several days after the murder. In addition to the chaos that took place in Wu's apartment, the landlord of the building, Wenxin Zhang, was charged with two counts of tampering with evidence after police discovered her taking a bag of suspected murder weapons and clothing with blood to the trash.