PTS, Inc.,, took a moment today to provide a status update to shareholders detailing important recent activity regarding the Company’s handling of 1Q FY10 filings and financials and its clean wrap-up of the business with subsidiary Disability Access Corp (DBYC). PTSH is now moving forward with solid financials that are 100% squared away, opening the door for various merger and acquisition opportunities.

The return of the Company’s special merger and due diligence team from Europe and Asia, which was dispatched May 11th, has yielded substantial high-quality data on multiple prospects; indeed, several companies have shown better-than-expected results, and several synergistic combinations of companies have come to light.

With medical, pharmaceutical and biotech candidates leading amongst possible contenders for PTSH, and select Chinese mass manufacturing and distribution outfits coming in a close second, the Company has gone on record stating its interest to keep all options open for the immediate future; however, interim CEO Marc Pintar did disclose that a leading EU biochemical concern, which shows incredible growth potential in reconstructive and regenerative medicine (and also as a sector), has been earmarked for action.

Pintar went on to say that each candidate under review has significant assets and revenues in the millions-of-dollars range, and that – as attentive as the Company is to the desire to move forward as soon as possible – an equitable and rigorously vetted choice for a merger candidate was the shrewdest move to make.

Pintar concluded by citing the strong relationship with Mina Mar Group (MMG), which has produced such excellent mergers and acquisitions results, and reminded shareholders and interested parties that MMG is available as a persistent feedback system able to process all inquiries to the shareholder’s complete satisfaction, allowing shareholders to monitor the Filing section and also MMG’s PR and Filings section for other updates.