In Pulse, a Y Combinator-backed startup, has introduced a wrist watch that has computing and phone operations. The bluetooth-enabled watch can also display all email alerts, SMS messages.

Founder Eric Migicovsky says that he is a avid cyclist and wanted a way to check his email, SMS messages and calls in a hands free devices. Using a smart phone on his trips didn't make sense because he wasn't able to actually use his hands while cycling. So he started thinking about how he could add smart phone capabilities to a watch, which he always wore when exercising. This was how the idea of a smart watch conceived.

The watch has the specs like 1.3″ 96×128 pix full color display; ARM7 microcontroller running at 52MHz; 32kb total program space 8kB RAM; CSR BC4-ROM Blue (L2CAP); over-the-air programming; a vibrating motor; and a 150mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. The device charges via microUSB and the battery apparently lasts up to 4 days depending on display/wireless use. The device comes in two colors: the silver version is $149 and the black anodized version if $199.

The device can connect via Bluetooth to your phone and will deliver email alerts, SMS messages and calls directly to the watch. The watch can connect wireless to all kinds of host devices: computers, laptops, and smart phones and works best with Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows and Linux. It can also be used as a remote control for power point presentations. In fact, Migicovsky used his InPulse watch to present and pitch during Y Combinator's demo day a few weeks ago.

So far 30 apps have been created and there is an exclusive website maintained and updated for the same. The target customers would be those who have to be connected always.