PuraMed Bioscience, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and marketing of a line of new, non-prescription medicines. These target major consumer health needs including the treatment of headaches, insomnia, and general pain. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company has their corporate headquarters in Schofield, Wisconsin.

PuraMed Bioscience is working to build a profitable business on two opportunities, beginning with three products developed by their founders: LipiGesic Mâ„¢ for acute relief of migraine headache; LipiGesic Hâ„¢ for acute relief of tension headaches; and LipiGesic PMâ„¢ for insomnia. The Company believes each of these products addresses a very large OTC consumer market.

The Company’s second opportunity is to establish a leadership position in the highly fragmented OTC alternative health remedy market. This is their longer-term opportunity. They are working towards this goal by introducing a “new kind of product line.” Their product line will consist of ‘alternative’ remedies for common ailments, marketed to the masses. By applying hard science to ‘natural’ products, they believe they can offer a line where each product delivers premier performance, all with fewer side effects.

PuraMed BioScience intends to operate their business by applying a comprehensive strategy. This includes identifying effective products with large market opportunities, and employing a unique and effective delivery system. They also plan to perform clinical trials to obtain clinical results to overcome consumer skepticism, as well as employ a direct response sales campaign to refine their message to consumers and generate initial revenue. In addition, the Company is working to achieve broad retail distribution to provide easy consumer access.

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