PuraMed Bioscience, Inc., a non-prescription pharmaceutical company, believes it has identified huge and largely untapped market opportunities, and has laid out a solid plan to capture them. The company, based in Schofield, Wisconsin, was established with two specific goals in mind, representing these two OTC (over-the-counter) product opportunities.

The first objective is to rapidly build a substantial and profitable business based upon three OTC products already developed by the company founders. The products, designed for headache and insomnia relief, are each unique in their own class, and collectively target a $2 billion American market.

LipiGesic MTM is a proprietary formulation created for the acute relief of migraine headaches within minutes. LipiGesic HTM is designed to dramatically increase the speed and levels of relief of tension headaches, effective at low doses and with the fewest potential side effects. LipiGesic PMTM is a new class of OTC sleep aid containing a proprietary blend of ingredients for the quick and natural relief of insomnia.

The second, longer term objective is to establish a leadership position in the highly fragmented OTC natural and alternative health remedy market by introducing a new kind of product line. By applying hard science to natural products, PuraMed believes it can deliver products providing better performance while having fewer side effects.

The company also believes their products will benefit from the kind of effective opportunity identification and marketing that is largely absent in the natural OTC market. Promising research in the field often goes overlooked for years by large pharmaceutical companies. Through the effective use of clinical trials in conjunction with carefully timed and aggressive marketing, PuraMed is convinced that it can better reach a major part of the OTC market.

The two founders of PuraMed, Russ Mitchell and Jim Higgins, both have extensive experience in the successful sale and distribution of new health products, with novel strategies that have proven highly effective over multiple applications. Through the use of outside production and other third party resources, they plan to rapidly build their position, and consider marketing to be key to the new company’s success.