PureSpectrum, Inc. is a technology company that developed patent-pending ballast and dimming technology for artificial lighting. Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, the Company is focusing on encouraging the adoption of energy efficient lighting solutions through superior performance. PureSpectrum’s technologies represent a breakthrough in power conversion circuitry. The Company believes their solutions have the potential to speed up the evolution and acceptance of fluorescent lighting.

PureSpectrum's technologies enable enhanced functionality in ballast driven lighting applications, including addressing energy efficiency in linear fluorescents. Their technologies have many capabilities such as dimming, light quality, color quality and ignition, and illumination delays.

The company's patented circuitry designs create a perfect waveform by significantly minimizing power line distortion and reducing total harmonic distortion. Electricity channels more fluently into a device, eliminating unnecessary heat generation and promoting increased efficiency. All of this is because of the minimization of phase displacement, and reduction of harmonic content.

Last week, PureSpectrum, Inc. received initial funding from Emirates International Capital Advisory (EICA) in Dubai pursuant to an equity investment commitment-agreement reached in December. EICA is a leading Middle Eastern financial advisory and management firm. They invest in small cap technology companies that bring innovative products to market.

PureSpectrum President and Chief Executive Officer, Lee Vanatta said last week, “This transaction with EICA will provide multiple benefits for PureSpectrum and our shareholders. In addition to receiving this initial investment, we have begun working with EICA to identify and capitalize on business opportunities within member nations of the Gulf Coast Council as well as other parts of the Middle East and North Africa.”

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