On Monday, Qlogic Corp. unveils its Storage Router 10GbE iSCSI Router(iSR6250) that can aggregate up to 1,000 iSCSI hosts to a Fibre Channel storage array and offer high connectivity

The QLogic iSR6250 offers unparalleled levels of performance, scalability, flexibility and compatibility with existing SANs with two 10GbE iSCSI Ports, two 8Gb/sec Fibre Channel Ports, two 1GbE iSCSI Ports and two management ports, per blade. It also features latest interfaces and powerful connectivity features in EMC storage environments through four ports each of 10GbE iSCSI and 8Gb/sec Fibre Channel.

The 10GbE iSCSI storage ports and initiator virtualization capabilities of the iSR6250 make it possible for 1,000 virtual machines to directly manage their own storage on a single EMC CLARiiON storage array, said Shishir Shah, vice president and general manager, Storage Solutions Group, QLogic.

The QLogic iSR6250 establishes a new design and throughput paradigm for intelligent routing platforms and features a radical architecture