Today, Quadra Projects took a major step towards enhancing their future with the signing of a Letter of Intent to market carbon black. The Letter of Intent was signed with Bio Earth Incorporated to jointly market quality carbon black produced by Quadra’s joint venture operations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

This Letter of Intent will open up global prospects for Quadra. Bio Earth has a very productive relationship with the Government of Bangladesh, which is one of the prospective purchasers.

When asked about the market for carbon black in countries in South East Asia and Bangladesh, Bio Earth’s President Brian Rabb indicated there is a solid market at the prices tendered.

Perhaps the pride of Quadra is the QES2000 System. The QES2000 is the most advanced pyrolysis and gasification system in the world. It is specifically designed to convert all valuable by-products, such as carbon black, without any measurable environmental pollution.

The QES2000 is very affordable and will meet the global challenges of the 21st Century. With state-of-the-art technology, which is emphasized by the QES2000 System, and the Letter of Intent for marketing carbon black, Quadra is definitely a company on the move.

Currently, Quadra is trading in the $0.09 range. With strong leadership, technology that’s at the forefront of their industry and this Letter of Intent in place, QUADRA PROJECTS INC. has the potential to attain much success.

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