This month, Michael McCarthy, the Managing Director of QualityStocks, purchased the new Sony Ericsson X1 smartphone and wanted to make sure his new favorite cellphone had adequate protection from scratches and dings. So he inquired from ZAGG if they could send them their custom designed, award-winning invisibleSHIELDâ„¢ product for use with his phone. CEO and President Robert G. Pedersen agreed and within days Mr. McCarthy received the product in the mail.

The invisibleShield is created from an exclusive, ultra-tough patented film originally designed by the US Military to protect helicopter blades from wind, sand, rain and high speed travel. ZAGG backs their invisibleShield with a lifetime guarantee which allows the consumer to use the product without fear of nicks or scratches and, more importantly, provides the customer with piece of mind. The invisibleSHIELD has been designed to protect more than 2,500 handheld electronics, including the Apple iPod touch, the Apple iPhone 3G, the LG Voyager, the BlackBerry Curve and many, many more.

Applying the film was easy and didn’t add any bulk to the smartphone. To install, all Mr. McCarthy had to do was spray a solution to prepare for sticking, apply the invisibleSHIELD™ to his device, soak up the excess moisture with a lint-free cloth and blow dry. As promised, the film was completely resistant to scratches and tears. Unquestionably, the film was superior to completive products that seem to always lose their sticking, stretch or shrink to an undesirable size, and/or tear, allowing foreign objects to scratch the device.

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