“Heavy Rain” developer Quantic Dream announced its newest game “Detroit: Become Human,” during Sony’s Paris games Week conference. The game is either a continuation or a reboot of a PS3 tech demo called “Kara,” which was released back in 2012 and moved enough people to make a game out of it.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the original “Kara” demo put players into the shoes of Kara, an android who discovered that she had emotions like humans. After finishing the demo, many people had asked questions regarding how the outside world would treat androids like Kara, which is what “Detroit” will explore.

While a story involving artificial intelligence (A.I.) and emotions isn’t exactly original, David Cage – the game’s director, stated that this would be more about the human aspect than the android one. According to Gematsu, Cage stated that there are already a lot of great A.I. stories, so “Detroit” would focus more on how androids would react to our world, while they discover their own emotions.

The trailer doesn’t show a lot of gameplay, but knowing how most Quantic Dream games play, there’s a good chance “Detroit” will be another cinematic video game experience. Most games from the developer tend to focus more on story and character development, with gameplay mostly involving quick-time events and choices to make.

This style of gameplay has divided gamers, with some praising the emphasis on story, while others wished that the game would let them have more control. The games themselves have also had divisive reactions, with “Heavy Rain” mostly getting praised, while “Beyond: Two Souls” got mixed reviews.

Whether “Detroit” gets praised or lambasted remains to be seen as no release date has been announced for the game. Considering how the game’s trailer was purely cinematic with no gameplay whatsoever, there’s a good chance that the game is still in a heavy development phase.

“Detroit: Become Human” is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, which isn’t entirely surprising considering that all games from Quantic Dreams have only hit consoles made by Sony. Only time will tell if this version of “Detroit” is worth visiting, but it does look interesting to say the least.

Detroit: Become Human Announcement Trailer - Paris Games Week 2015 (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)