“Quantico” Season 1 is back, and it still has plenty of mysteries to solve. When episode 11 left off, a second bomb had exploded, and though Elias (Rick Cosnett) seemed to be working with the terrorists, the real bomber is still unknown. Alex (Priyanka Chopra) will have to find the real terrorist and convince the court of her innocence. While the answer probably won’t be revealed in the midseason premiere, fans can expect a few other things from episode 12:

1. Alex’s guilt. Alex told Simon (Tate Ellington) to take his hand off the trigger that she thought was no longer a threat after Elias committed suicide. The agent was very wrong. It caused an explosion at the building that several of their friends and co-workers were in. Chopra told TVLine that the future timeline will explore “what happens to her, psychologically, after that.”

2. Body count. As previously reported, a commercial revealed that 32 people died in the explosion. Expect to know a few of them, but not everyone’s fate will be revealed right away. For some, like Caleb (Graham Rogers), their fates will remain unknown. “One thing we can say about Caleb is that you will not see him in the future in the first episode back, at least,” executive producer Jake Coburn told TVLine.

3. New NATs. Back in the Quantico timeline, several agents in training will be introduced, and they’ll cause some tension. “The new trainees are from a previous class and now they will be a part of our class,” Chopra teased to Hollywood Life. “That changes the dynamic. Are they friends or are they foes? Are they on our side or not?

Watch the “Quantico” Season 1 promo video below:

4. An answer is coming. Fans expected some much clearer answers in the midseason finale, but the second half of the season will give real answers about some of the major questions. The writers have to at least answer some of the enigmas because showrunner Joshua Safran revealed that a new mystery will be next year’s focus. “This story was about terrorism and America,” he told Variety. “Season two will attack a different issue that plagues America’s security.”

5. A cliff-hanger. But maybe don’t expect any answers yet. The writers are building up to answers, but they have 11 episodes before they have to resolve everything. “There’s a huge twist that happens at the end of [the midseason premiere] that sets up the motor for the entire back 11 [episodes],” Safran revealed to Entertainment Weekly. “That motor is very clean, but because it’s so clean, the twists are very large.”

6. Time jump. Safran also revealed that Alex’s haircut is the result of a three-month time jump in the future story line. “So three months later, [she has] new hair, because it’s gone through some stuff,” he added. “She’s not on the run anymore and she can actually get a haircut. But also, the Alex that you meet in the future is very different than the Alex that we’ve seen before. It’s an Alex who is on the defensive and maybe not all there in her mind.”

7. Recap. Expect the drama to remind viewers of what happened. The writers know that many fans have forgotten the smaller details during the show’s three-month hiatus, and they want new fans to jump into the series as well. “[T]he writers did a great job of almost, you know, reintroducing and making it like almost a little pilot, so people can pick right up,” Josh Hopkins, who plays Liam, told ABC News Radio. “You don't have to have seen the first [half], but I think you'll want to.”

“Quantico” Season 1 returns to ABC on Sunday with the midseason premiere at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.