The FBI drama "Quantico" kicked off its series premiere Sunday night, with an action-packed episode, titled "Run." On the premiere, viewers were introduced to the new FBI trainees in a flashback, and also saw some of the aftermath following a deadly terrorist attack at New York's Grand Central Terminal. 

Towards the end of the show, it was revealed Alex Parrish (Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra) is the FBI's number one target for masterminding the attack. The FBI has some pretty good evidence stacked against Alex: she was found near Grand Central shortly after the terrorist attack, Ryan (Jack McLaughlin) was shot three times in Alex's apartment, and three bullets are missing from her gun. 

However, Alex is adamant she didn't bomb Grand Central and Quantico director Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) helps her escape FBI custody, telling Alex to figure out who among her colleagues is the real terrorist. 

In next week's episode, titled "America," the aftermath of Alex's escape continues and she has to find a way to prove she's not connected to the attack. "Alex needs to outwit [Special Agent] Liam [O'Connor] and his team in order to get into her apartment to find evidence to clear her name," the official synopsis reads (via TV Guide). "Meanwhile, in a flashback, the NATs are tasked with finding potential threats to national security." 

Following "Quantico's" premiere, showrunner Joshua Safran told The Hollywood Reporter viewers will also learn how Alex's father's secret life as an FBI agent plays into everything. "Her father's past is very much present in the story going forward," he said. 

Fans of the show can also expect to meet new FBI hopefuls. According to Entertainment Weekly, episode 2 will introduce Nathalie Vasquez (Annabelle Acosta), a cop from Texas who's always dreamed of being an agent, and Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett), an openly gay man who's not exactly a trainee but somehow ends up joining the others at Quantico. 

"[Nathalie] becomes sort of a thorn in the side of all of the other recruits, because she’s very determined to be the best," teased Safran, adding that Cosnett's character will zero in on Simon Asher (Tate Ellington). 

"Simon is the first openly gay trainee in FBI history... and Elias, as an openly gay man, is interested in how Simon made that happen," Safran told Entertainment Weekly. 

Another surprise in store for episode 2 is the return of Caleb (Graham Rogers), who was kicked out of the program after Elder Eric (Brian J. Smith) killed himself over a deep, dark secret he thought Caleb was going to expose to the group. Without giving away too many details, Safran told Entertainment Weekly Caleb pops back up "in a surprising fashion." Check out the promo for episode 2 below. 

"Quantico" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.