“Quantico” might have more than one terrorist attack to deal with. Although the group is still trying to figure out who set up the first bomb in Grand Central station, there may be another attack before they can solve the mystery, according to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 8, titled "Over."

Alex (Priyanka Chopra) is the one to determine that there is another threat. “In the future, the FBI computer system is hacked and confidential files go public, leading Alex to the conclusion that a second bomb is in play somewhere in [New York City],” the synopsis revealed. The problem is that Alex is the one making that conclusion. Many agents at the FBI have decided that she is guilty, so they aren’t looking for another terrorist. The wanted woman will have to get creative to make the FBI notice a threat from somewhere else.

Of course, the future will conveniently connect to a lesson the NATs (new agents in training) learned at Quantico several months ago. “The recruits are given individual assignments, only to realize they are all connected as part of a lesson to look at the bigger picture,” the synopsis teased. Let’s hope that one of the agents remembers this advice in the future.

In the promo video for episode 8, Alex is seen right where viewers left her in the last episode: in an alley with Ryan (Jake McLaughlin). She’ll have to save him before she can save New York City; he was shot at the end of the last episode, but Alex can’t show her face at a hospital. She’ll need to figure out how to help Ryan without getting herself caught.

Watch the trailer for “Quantico” Season 1, episode 8 below:

Caleb (Graham Rogers) isn’t mentioned in the synopsis, but he is in nearly all of the photos for this episode. It looks like he’ll be arguing with his father, Deputy Director Clayton (Mark Pellegrino). Will it be a personal argument about his father's affair, or will it be a professional matter? 

“Quantico” Season 1, episode 8 airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

Quantico 108 spoilers 1 Caleb (Graham Rogers) might realize that there is another terrorist attack coming "Quantico" Season 1, episode 8. Photo: ABC

Quantico 108 Nimah Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) gets taken to FBI headquarters in "Quantico" Season 1, episode 8. Photo: ABC Quantico 108 Caleb (Graham Rogers, left) and Director Clayton (Mark Pellegrino) have a tense discussion in "Quantico" Season 1, episode 8. Photo: ABC Quantico 108 press Director Clayton (Mark Pellegrino) gives a press conference in "Quantico" Season 1, episode 8. Photo: ABC Quantico 108 twins Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) looks worried in "Quantico" Season 1, episode 8. Photo: ABC