Upcoming Xbox One exclusive “Quantum Break” has received a new game cover for next year’s release, and it features “X-Men” star Shawn Ashmore. The cover was revealed during Gamescom 2015, along with the subsequent announcement that Ashmore would be involved with the game as the protagonist. Prior to the announcement, a promotional cover was released showing a different character that was not modeled after Ashmore at the time.

While the two covers are different from each other, thanks to the change in voice talents, GameSpot noted that the covers feature the game’s unique time-bending element in action. The time bending is shown differently in both covers, with a shattered crystal on the official cover and multiple versions of the same character in the previous teaser cover.

“Quantum Break” is expected to be a big hit for Microsoft, as the game will be accompanied by a tie-in television series when it launches next year. Most of the game’s cast, including Ashmore, will be reprising their roles on the tie-in television series, though it is not clear as to who are the heroes or the villains, though that might have been on purpose to give future players and viewers an element of surprise.

Shawn Ashmore is Jack Joyce, the protagonist of both the “Quantum Break” video game and the tie-in TV show. Joyce gains time powers after a failed incident with a time machine, and it is up to him to save the world and time itself, which seems to have been broken.

Gameplay will rely on plenty of time manipulations, as Joyce will be bale to stun enemies in place and take them out with a single touch. The time mechanic will supposedly make combat unpredictable, with time-frozen objects ready for use as weapons and even with the ability to warp past enemies.

The game might even come to the PC in a later date, according to IGN, but for now “Quantum break” will remain an Xbox One exclusive. This seems to be a continuing trend with Xbox One exclusives, as PC versions for “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” will be released sometime after landing on the Xbox One first.

Quantum Break Stage Demo - Gamescom 2015 (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)