A few thousands of people will be able to get free tickets to Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday celebrations. Members of the public will be given a chance to celebrate the birthday of the monarch. A ballot has been opened to distribute tickets for The Celebration on The Long Walk, which will be held on May 15.

Around 5000 lucky people will get a chance to join the festivities on The Long Walk along the straight tree-lined avenue in Windsor Great Park, running for 2.5 miles from Windsor Castle, till March 14. The event will begin at 3pm, and will feature a party atmosphere with entertainment and food. The birthday celebrations of the queen will be shown on big screens at the top of The Long Walk.

Elizabeth will celebrate her 90th birthday with all the members of the royal family with four days of festivities at Windsor castle. It will feature 900 horses and 1,500 performers that will include dancers, musicians and choirs, along with well-known artists and actors. There will be a  90-minute experience on the life of the monarch right from her birth, to World War Two, her marriage, coronation and a reign of more than 60 years.

The 89-year-old royal’s official birthday will be marked with a special celebration in May. All the members of the royal family will attend each night of the celebrations from May 12 to May 15 in the private grounds of Windsor Castle in honor of the landmark event. Elizabeth is scheduled to attend on the final day that will be broadcast live on ITV and presented by Ant & Dec.

Besides, her official birthday weekend will kick off June 10. The next day will be the Trooping the Color. On June 12, there will be a huge street party and Patron’s Lunch at the Mall. The queen's actual birthday is on April 21.