Quepasa Corp. owns Quepasa.com, one of the world’s largest trilingual Latino social networks online. Quepasa.com, along with sister site Corazones.com, serves its users in the United States, Mexico, Latin America and the world in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. The company’s mission is to empower young Latinos with the most entertaining, authentic and up-to-date online social community.

The company’s unique trilingual social network community provides users with the latest viral and social networking tools. Additionally, Quepasa.com offers interactive multimedia content to enrich the user experience including: entertainment, sports, music and videos, as well as user-generated content and communities. Quepasa drives and attracts a robust Latino membership throughout Latin America and the United States.

Quepasa receives about 2 million unique visitors per month, putting them at the forefront of the recent explosion in popularity of social networking sites. The company believes their popularity is due to good technology and the target audience’s recognition that Quepasa is “an authentically Latino site.”

The sites’ revenues come primarily from ads from major companies looking to tap into the rapidly-growing Latino consumer market. These companies include: McDonald’s, Disney, Verizon, Comcast, Ford, Firestone and others. Quepasa, like other social networking sites, looks to monetize the site in the future. But for now, their emphasis is on serving their customers and building their customer base.