Quepasa Corp. announced today that to further develop their company and provide more to their customers they have partnered with Hi-media Payments. Quepasa is one of the world’s largest Latino social networks, while Hi-media Payments is an industry leader with their Allopass micro-payment platform that has recently expanded to North America.

The Allopass payment service offers multiple micropayment options at online checkouts, including billing through mobile phone or premium SMS; credit and debit cards, home phone billing, ISP billing, prepaid cards, and its own electronic wallet. Hi-media processes over 8 million transactions per month and is the largest micropayment systems in Europe and Latin America.

By partnering with Hi-media, Quepasa intends to monetize its collection of social games and premium content. John Abbott, CEO of Quepasa was quoted in the press release as saying: “Our partnership with Hi-media Payments demonstrates Quepasa’s commitment to bringing best-in-class solutions to facilitate the monetization of our rapidly growing user base.”

This news comes on the heels of a press release on March 29th by Quepasa where they announced that they have partnered with Viximo, the leading provider of virtual goods solutions and applications, to bring social games and applications, including Viximo’s newest release ‘SnapMeUp’, to Quepasa’s 12 million users.

Quepasa Corporation, the owner of quepasa.com, is headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL with offices in Los Angeles, CA; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Scottsdale, AZ; Miami, FL; and Hermosillo, MX.