QuoteMedia, one of the world’s top providers of up-to-the-minute financial market data, continuously satisfies the needs of its customers using scalable content modules. The functions of these modules range from basic stock tickers, to market portals that bring the entire universe of finance to your fingertips.

On the simple side of things, you have quote and chart modules to rival any provider. QuoteMedia’s charts are intelligent, visually pleasing windows with dynamic quotes, and technical and historical charting capabilities that take the confusion out of price action. QuoteMedia charting modules can be fully aestheticized for seamless integration into a client’s website.

Another module that plays a huge role in the service’s effectiveness promptly delivers breaking news to the user’s screen. Settings can be adjusted to cover entire markets, or to target specific companies. Once in sync with your preferences, the news module keeps you informed of all press and filing content.

Aside from quotes, and general portfolio management services, QuoteMedia also facilitates access to data on mutual funds, FOREX, and world currencies. You can covert currencies, monitor user-specified watchlists, and more.

When it comes down to it, QuoteMedia is unequaled in the realm of intuitive, comprehensive market data solutions. The company never ceases to improve upon its services; all the more reason to trust QuoteMedia with providing the best information in an easily manipulated environment.

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