One company that is on the rise is the Arizona-based QuoteMedia. In a short period of time, QuoteMedia has established themselves as a leading software developer and syndicator of financial market information and streaming financial data solutions to media, corporations, online brokerages and financial services companies. Today, QuoteMedia took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement they have entered an Enterprise Agreement with Gmarkets.

Gmarkets is a financial information company specializing in the delivery of real-time, global fixed income and capital markets data. Effective immediately, Gmarkets will incorporate the Quotestream Profession into its existing product line which Gmarkets currently provides to all market participants.

The Quotestream Professional is an advanced market data and technical analysis solution which features broad market coverage, total reliability, complete flexibility, ultra low-latency tick-by-tick data, as well as completely customizable screens, advanced charting, comprehensive technical analysis, news and research data. With Gmarkets substantial presence in financial institutions across Canada and a growing influence within the United States, the future of QuoteMedia looks bright.

When asked about QuoteMedia’s partnership with Gmarkets, Dave Shworan who serves as CEO of QuoteMedia was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to be partnering with Gmarkets. Gmarkets has a well-deserved reputation for providing its customers with the information and technology they need for effective and successful trade and risk management decision making. This agreement is a major opportunity to increase market acceptance for Quotestream Professional. Additionally, having a company like Gmarkets choose Quotestream Professional is a very gratifying endorsement of the quality of our product.”

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