QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI.OB), a lead provider of market data, provides a variety of content modules to assist consumers with stock information. The company currently has eight modules with a variety of applications that can be embedded and customized into a consumer's personal web pages. For ease of installation, a single line of code is needed to integrate the module into a consumer's existing data set.

The News and Headlines module provides full access to press releases and premium news content. Users can select from hundreds of topics to target specific publicly traded companies or exchanges. The type of format the information can be viewed in varies from narrow or wide column, ticker-style, or vertical scrolling.

The Quotes and Charts module provides users with market and research data on specified symbols. The available charts range from simple intraday or historical displays, as well as interactive technical charting applications. The charts available in this module can be standalone or interactive, while quotes can be displayed in a large or compact style.

The Market and Stock Research module has 32 tools that allow the user to obtain in-depth research instruments. There are news, ratings, market movers, indices, historical performance, corporate actions, and earnings information applications. The Ticker-Market Movers application provides a user with a scrolling ticker consisting of the exchange in the top row, and a second row that is fully customizable with stocks or indices of a user's choice. The Dynamic Market Movers application allows a user to select an exchange and choose between gainers and losers by percentage or dollar value, as well as by volume activity.

The Portfolio Management module provides users with applications which deliver immediate access to market data to their desktop or Internet-ready cellular devices. The Web Portfolio Manager allows users to track holdings and analyze performance on all stocks, mutual funds, or indices listed on any of the North American exchanges. The Quotestream application allows consumers to monitor their portfolios in delayed or real-time.

The Mutual Funds module provides fund market overviews, fund charting, comprehensive fund screening criteria, performance ratings, risk benchmark, and detailed fund quote data tools to users. The basic mutual fund application includes a set of data points, allowing for mutual fund research and screening, while the advanced module provides additional sector allocation data.

The Investor Relations module allows the user to customize the manner in which stock quotes, charts, insider reports, historical reports, and company news are displayed. The IR Charts-Logo application allows a company logo to be imbedded into any chart, while the Quote Chart module provides an intraday chart and quote data into a small footprint.

The FOREX and Currencies module allows users to monitor Foreign Exchange data, monitor customized watchlists, chart global currencies, and run currency conversions.

The XML Data Services module provides comprehensive market data feeds in delayed, real-time, or end-of-day formats. QuoteMedia's ultra-low latency XML delivery systems provide intraday snap information and end-of-day bulk information along with an array of research and press news.

QuoteMedia's assortment of content solution tools provide any broker, bank, or financial services professional with a wide array of applications to obtain information on stocks and funds. Not only can the tools be customized, but they can also easily be imbedded into any website. QuoteMedia has designed a broad array of tools to meet the needs of any financial professional.

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