QuoteMedia Inc. has been makings major strides in the ever-changing marketplace. With a strong management team and an aggressive business style, QuoteMedia has developed a concept of doing business that is quickly gaining national attention.

With the economy being is such a tailspin; savvy investors want to have up to the second news so they know where their hard-earned money should be placed. QuoteMedia’s array of services benefit clients with an exceptional number of strong technical differentiators in embedded, fully private-labeled and seamlessly integrated environments. Through the aggregation of financial data, news, and research sources, QuoteMedia has become a comprehensive solution for stock market related information provisioning.

Another unique aspect of this company is their far-reaching hand. With media offices in Arizona, British Columbia and Toronto, QuoteMedia provides quality service throughout North America and has a strong array of employees constantly researching the markets.

QuoteMedia is led by their Chairman of the Board Robert J. Thompson. Thompson has a distinguished business and consulting career that spans over 40 years. Currently, Mr. Thompson serves as President of Corpus Investments Inc., a private holding company that manages investments in a wide range of enterprises.

With Thompson at the helm and a business style that is client-friendly, QuoteMedia is leading their customers back to success in the marketplace.

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