Are you ready for more Trapped in the Closet?

R. Kelly is looking to add 32 chapters to his never-ending saga about a man caught cheating with another woman, according to TMZ. He has already written them, so he just needs the funding.

Who's got the money? Maybe a record company. Maybe a streaming service. How about an angel investor?

Kellz first released Trapped in the Closet in 2005, placing five chapters on his album TP.3 Reloaded. By 2007, he upped the tally to 22 chapters of guns, infidelity, STDs and a whole lotta lovemaking.

The Chicago R&B singer has yet to release his memoir, Soulacoaster, and one would have to imagine that is his first priority. The public needs to know more about the musical genius behind Ignition, as well as the untold secrets of a certain incident involving an underaged girl.