Singer R. Kelly's overwrought and lengthy "hip hopera" will be returning to IFC this fall. "Trapped In The Closet: The Next Installment" sees the continuation of Kelly's particular brand of noir/comedy/drama/musical. The sequel will continue the bizarre story, employing the same kind of storytelling used in the original, according to the IFC website.

The same cast of characters will be returning, as well, including Sylvester, who is played by R. Kelly himself, Rufus, Cathy, Gwendolyn, Bridget, Big Man, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, Twan and Pimp Lucius. The story narrative, crafted by Kelly himself, often gets tangled up in silly plots and multiple angles. A healthy mix of those plot points never found themselves resolved, so, there's hope that Kelly sees fit to resolve those storylines and missing plot points with this second installment.

IFC is also developing several other programs, including "Bunk!," "Comedy Bang Bang," "Trapped In The Closet: The Next Installment," "Portlandia" and "Bullet In The Face."