The trailer for Rachel McAdams latest film will have you feeling as if you’re time-jumping. Just three years after McAdams starred in her first time-traveler-themed movie, she's playing a woman who falls in love in the romantic time-traveler drama “About Time.”

McAdams plays Mary, a college student who falls in love with a man named Tim, who's told on his 21st birthday that male family members have the ability to time jump. Tim is played by “Anna Karenina” actor Domhnall Gleeson.

The Universal Pictures film is set to be released in November.

For McAdams, her role as Mary isn’t a wide departure from her part in the 2009 hit “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” which also starred Eric Bana. The 34-year-old Canadian actress admitted while promoting her new film that she can relate to the idea of time travel.

“The time travel is really representative of distance and separation," she said. "It’s just an obstacle that so many people go through wanting to be together and not being able to for whatever reason.”

McAdams has also starred in the romantic adaptions of two Nicholas Sparks novel’s “The Vow” and “The Notebook.”

While her onscreen love life is hot, real life recently hasn't mirrored art. McAdams and actor Michael Sheen recently split after two years. Before their breakup in February, the actress said the long-distance relationship was exhausting.

“We rack up a lot of air miles,” she said. “But you have to be quite adaptable in this business whether you are in a relationship or not.”

McAdams will next star in an untitled Cameron Crowe romantic comedy alongside Bradley Cooper (“Silver Linings Playboy”) and Emma Stone (“Easy A”).

“About Time” International Trailer:

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” 2009 Trailer: