The racist tram woman recorded in a two-and-a-half minute viral YouTube video has been arrested.

The video was titled My Tram Experience and featured a woman, with a young boy on her lap, screaming obscenities and racial slurs at individuals on a South London tram.

The British Transport Police announced on Twitter that they had arrested the 34-year-old woman on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense, reports The Washington Post.

We've arrested a 34yo woman for racially aggravated public order offence as a result of #mytramexperience video brought to our attn, posted the BTP.

Though the woman is currently in custody, the authorities are still seeking information on the occurrence. They are asking for witnesses to step forward with specific details about the tram incident.

In the video the racist tram woman screams, You ain't English. You ain't English. ... Go back to your own countries. Don't stay in mine. We English ain't nothing now.

The woman then proceeds to curse and say racially charged things to a black woman who told her to be mindful of the fact that children were present.

A white woman than interjects, saying, I'm English, what have you got to say to me?

The video currently has over 350,000 hits on YouTube, along with a slew of outraged comments.

She shouldn't be allowed to call herself British with an attitude like that. Makes me ashamed to be English.? This made me genuinely want to punch her in the face, wrote one viewer.

What a disgrace? of a human, wrote another.

The Washington Post notes that this is the second time recently that an online video has gone viral and has led to a police investigation.

Prior to this, in early November, Hillary Adams uploaded a video to YouTube and a post on Reddit showing the abuse she faced in 2006 at the hands of her father, Judge William Adams.