width=315Tahitian pearls are a captivating and beloved rarity amongst the world's selection of gemstones. Known for their black color, impressive size and rarity, Tahitian black pearls are one of the most distinctive materials used in modern jewelry craft. Though these pearls are referred to generally as black, the truth is that they are available in a wide range of hues. Some of the color variations are exceedingly rare and prized including pistachio and peacock green.Radiance Pearl offers extraordinary pearl jewelry including Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian black pearls. From basic studs and strands to enchanting and unique gold and diamond designs, the brand is known for their combination of quality and value. Tahitian pearls are an important part of the jewelry design selection offereid by Radiance Pearl. The brand features a stunning array of Tahitian pearls with intense luster and supreme quality.

With a wide selection of black pearls, Radiance has just about any type of Tahitian you may be looking for. A comprehensive assortment of variations according to size, grade and color also ensure that Radiance Pearl has something to suit your budget and style. Whether you would like a multi-colored pearl strand, an elegant black pearl and diamond ring, or a pair of perfectly matched Tahitan pearl drop earrings, we will be able to find the perfect piece to round out your jewelry wardrobe.