Radiant Logistics, Inc., a domestic and international logistics services company, this morning announced that it is opening a new Airgroup office in San Antonio, Texas. Airgroup-SAT will operate as a new exclusive agent location, utilizing the company’s robust technology platform and global network to provide domestic and international freight forwarding and logistics services.

With nearly two decades of experience, Sandra McDow will lead Airgroup-SAT. “We are very excited to be joining Radiant and the Airgroup network,” stated Ms. McDow. “As a group, the Radiant/Airgroup team has a real appreciation for the needs of the local owner/entrepreneur and a clear and achievable plan for building a world class logistics organization. The platform, in terms of people, process, technology and network is unique in the marketplace and represents a compelling opportunity for me and my team. We are looking forward to leveraging our own strengths along with the capabilities of the Radiant network to bring additional value to our customers while enjoying the benefits of participating in an organization that, through its status as a public company, gives us the ability to work as shareholders and participate in the value that we help create.”

Ms. McDow continued, “Through years of dedicated services, our entire San Antonio crew has developed some very strong relationships with our customers, vendors and associates around the globe. Our customers have always remained our top priority whether they were here in Texas or abroad and this philosophy has been key to our success. As we look to keep pace with the needs of our customers, our service offering is extending beyond the physical movement of goods to include a robust information reporting capability that provides our customers with timely, accurate information around the world. Radiant’s technology platform is already proving to be a great differentiator for us in the marketplace as our customers are gravitating to the web-based transportation management and intransit visibility tools now available. This is only the beginning of our efforts to deliver heightened value added capabilities around our core transportation services.”

Radiant’s Chairman and CEO, Bohn Crain, added, “We are very proud to have Sandra and the balance of the San Antonio organization join the Radiant/Airgroup team. We are working very hard to drive continuous improvement across the Company and we remain keenly focused on attracting quality operations like our new Airgroup-SAT station which will continue to strengthen our overall network and help drive our continued organic growth.”