Rage Against the Machine lead guitarist Tom Morello delighted Occupy Wall Street protestors at Zuccotti Park on Thursday with a rendition of This Land is Your Land.

Morello -- known as The Nightwatchman when playing solo -- told the protesters that they were gonna have a good mother---- time, before starting up his rendition of the song.

The acoustic set -- without any microphones -- got a crowd of more than 200 people to clap their hands, jump up and down, and sing along with the Grammy Award winning musical artist.

After playing the folk American song, Morello told a tale about a group of Korean guitarmakers that attempted to unionize, but were fired and the guitar factory was moved to China. Morello decided to throw a benefit concert for them, but just a day later an earthquake hit Haiti and the unemployed Koreans agreed to donate all of the benefit concert's proceeds to Haiti relief funds.

Morello said he was so inspired by the act that he decided to write the song, Worldwide Rebel Song in honor of the selfless people. Morello had previously performed the song at an Occupy Los Angeles protest, but told protesters he expected Occupy Wall Street to outdo them.

Morello got the crowd to sing his song and thanked everyone for allowing him to perform at Occupy Wall Street. Before leaving the protest area, Morello told protesters, Take it easy, but take it.

Morello isn't the first musician or celebrity to visit Occupy Wall Street, though. Kanye West was seen at the protest earlier this week and rapper Talib Kweli has also recently performed. Additionally, Susan Surandon, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, Russell Simmons, and others have visited the Lower Manhattan protest spot.