Thursday's weekly export sales number came in at 41t.m.t., sold last week, a new low since the marketing year began June 1st. This is down 90% from the week prior and you know why as I have noted on this site, we remained the third port of choice in the world to buy wheat from behind Europe and Russia. This will not change until late March. Monday's crop report has a ton of numbers to digest on Monday's crop report. The average pre-report trade guess for all winter wheat planting is 44.178m.a. down from 46.181 last year. The break down of winter wheat varieties read like this: Soft red wheat acres at 9.381m.a. vs. 11.2. hard red winter 31.096 vs. 32.220. White winter wheat acres at 3.763 vs. 3.761 last year. The average trade guess for ending stocks inventory is 600m.b. vs. 623 last month. It is a friendly report because of the lower planting numbers and the large ending stocks is already priced in. If wheat's going to have a rally next week- it will come on the heels of a soy bean and corn rally if South America is dry next week but wheat fields lying dormant look to get a real cold blast next week. Sub zero temperatures will hit key winter wheat states of Kansas, Nebraska- east to Ohio. Single digits could be seen in Texas and Oklahoma by Thursday. This should create some fear of crop damage even though it is dormant. March wheat has support at 5.90 with resistance at 6.40 then 6.75 to start the week.