Texas Rangers starting pitcher C.J. Wilson said he may have an edge in dealing with temperatures expected to dip near the freezing mark in Wednesday's Game One of the World Series in St. Louis -- cryotherapy.

Wilson said he decided to try the ice-cold temperature treatment aimed at helping the body recover after learning that many of the Dallas Mavericks used it during their run to the National Basketball Association championship last June.

The cryotherapy thing is cool, literally, Wilson told reporters in St. Louis on a workout day ahead of the Series opener. The Mavs were doing it during the playoffs, and obviously we have a big affinity for the Mavs in Dallas. So I figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm kind of an experimental guy. I'll go for the hyperbaric chamber, drink a new type of sports drink that's supposed to keep your blood sugar regulated. I'll do whatever because the one percent (edge) at this level, really is valuable.

Wilson said the treatment, which is said to rejuvenate muscles with quick blasts of frigid air, might at least psychologically help him acclimatize on the mound.

Basically you stand in this freezing can and cold air circulates around you, the left-hander said.

I did it a couple days ago. Went down to minus-295 (Fahrenheit) or something. So 35 degrees (Wednesday) should be no big deal, right?

I haven't really pitched in cold weather too often, but you wear sleeves and put on a jacket in the dugout and that's pretty much all you can do. I don't worry about it too much.