After a faux "exile" campaign to ship Pitbull off to an Alaska Walmart was conceived, the rapper has held up his part of the deal, bringing the promotional campaign to fruition by tweeting photos inside of the Kodiak superstore and around the small town.

According to The Associated Press, the "Give Me Everything" rapper received a care package on Monday from Walmart to prep the Miami native for his stay in Kodiak. Pitbull reportedly was given bear repellant spray and bear bells, typically used by hikers to make noise in order to ward off bears, in the package.

The saga began when Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, agreed to be part of a promotional campaign for Walmart. The rapper vowed to visit the Walmart with the most "Likes" on its Facebook page, which so happened to be Kodiak, Alaska thanks to a campaign by Boston Phoenix writer David Thorpe. Thorpe thought it would be comical to send Pitbull -- or "exile," rather -- to one of the most remote Walmart stores.

Pitbull rounded out his visit to Kodiak by taking photos with the Alutiiq dancers, tweeting pictures during his performance at the Coast Guard base.

Thorpe also met Pitbull on Monday in Kodiak along with Mayor Pat Branson, complete with shades similar to the rapper known as "Mr. Worldwide."

"Thank U Kodiak ... I am honored, truly," he tweeted.

In light of the comical "exile" prank, Thorpe and Pitbull continued to correspond on Twitter about their meeting.

"Pitbull just shouted me out in front of like... HUNDREDS of people," Thorpe tweeted.

"'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' Sun-tzu ;)" Pitbull tweeted back in response.

Pitbull reportedly told the audience in Kodiak that he will drop the name of the small Alaska town, population 6,130, in a future song.