When considering development stage biotechnology companies, one needs to be aware. There are companies that may appear to be in the backwaters, but then jump to the fore. This is just the nature of the biotechnology beast. Finding and catching the beast is the trick, and it holds no guarantee of success. Playing the game of finding the beast is a skill, but one that can be very profitable.

Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp., a development stage biopharmaceuticals company, works to develop pre-clinical products through its proprietary delivery platform. The company is currently working with several products in the phase II and phase IIa pre-clinical development process.

Although the company is still in the phase II and IIa trial process, it does seem to have established a presence with several leading organizations. It has been working with the University of California, Santa Barbra, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Inc. and the University of Angers, France to establish the effectiveness of its pre-clinical products. Generally speaking, however, these products tend to, but are not limited to, nuro-functions. In all cases (with exception), each revolves about the company’s proprietary delivery systems. Currently, the company has 15 filed and provisional patents regarding its many areas of pre-clinical work.

The company’s work with delivery systems across the blood-train barrier (product NeuroTrans ™) has caught the attention of Roche Pharmaceuticals for further development. Applications could be many with Roche licensing worldwide rights for resulting products. The real result from this particular licensing, however, is that Raptor Pharmaceuticals now has a major pharmaceutical company with which to license and market future products. In a general sense, this is a major step in the evolution of a development stage biotechnology company. Raptor Pharmaceutical’s stock made a bit of a rise last Friday, but with its current position in place and a seemingly steady position, it does look to have legs and room to move some more.