A rare indigenous group of tribal people was confirmed of its existence after released photos depicted a new community living among the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Sheltered in thick vegetation, the tribe may have been left undisturbed for hundreds of years. Speculations have emerged that many more unknown tribes may be in hiding. Past cases revealed tribal groups avoiding contact with the modern world with some running away for cover as airplanes approach or attacked with bows and arrows. Any government conspiracy about the existence of these tribal groups dated back to 1910. The information was kept confidential and attempts to make contact with the tribal communities were prohibited.

The main reason for the secrecy is protection and respecting the tribal group's way of life. The Brazilian government has been a full supporter in securing the habitat for known and unknown indigenous groups. Steps are being taken in protecting the forest land as illegal activities related to hunting, fishing logging, mining, drug trafficking, oil exploration, and cattle ranching in the country have contributed to the degrading tribal community habitat. The lack of crops such as peanuts, bananas, and corn has forced competition among different tribes for resources. There may be around 2000 un-contacted tribes remaining on the globe.

Photography of the newly spotted tribe shows a thriving community living in straw homes and villagers with painted bodies. An aerial exploration flight surveyed the area and reported that 200 members were part of the tribe spread over several areas in the Javari Valley, which lies in the west of the Amazon. Some researchers are also avoiding contact and only scouting the tribes through aerial or satellite photography. They refused to identify the location coordinates of the tribe people.

Check out photos of the various Amazon tribes in Brazil:

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