Over seven art pieces from a visiting exhibit have been stolen from the famed Chinese imperial palace of Forbidden City.

The Telegraph reported that items belonging to an exhibit on loan from a private Hong Kong museum and valued at up to 10 million yuan were stolen on Sunday. Officials at the Palace are scrambling to find the chief suspects with the help of video surveillance tapes. However, telephone calls to the Palace remain unanswered on Wednesday.

The missing items were reportedly stolen from the Zhai Gong exhibit hall within the Palace. The Beijing News informs that the exhibit was on loan from the Liangyicang museum, which is owned by a Hong Kong collector identified as Feng Yaohui.

An investigation was launched immediately and the officials were able to recover two of the missing items nearby. Although the curators have announced that the exhibition will continue till June 27th, the section of the exhibit hall from where the items were stolen has been closed temporarily.