On June 15, 2011, skywatchers across the globe witnessed one of the most spectacular phenomenons in over a decade when the moon turned into a stunning blood-red colour. The change in colour, known as a deep lunar eclipse is due to the passage of indirect sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere as it lines up between the sun and the moon.

The eclipse started at about 3.25am (AEST) and entered a phase of total darkness at about 5.22am during which the transformation to a blood-red moon began.

As per astronomers, the eclipse was among the best three in terms of length and totality that took place in the last 100 years in history.

The Herald Sun quoted Martin Bush, curator of Melbourne Planetarium stating that it would be the longest one since 2000 - which was one of the three longest since 1000BC.

To help spectators get a better view of the unique phenomenon, Google had partnered with astronomy site, Slooth, to provide live streaming of the event.

Check the rare video footage of the June 15, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse above: