“Ravenswood” will be airing its season 1 winter finale tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 4 -- and according to spoilers, this will be one episode you will not want to miss. Tonight’s 10th episode of the eerie ABC Family show, titled “My Haunted Heart,” will include all things spooky. From creepy little Max’s menacing plans to a dangerous entity looking for vengeance, it seems no one in Ravenswood or Rosewood is safe.

That’s right, “Pretty Little Liars” fans; Hanna (Ashley Benson) will be taking a break from finding "A" to make her “Ravenswood” debut tonight during the season finale. And according to Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb on the hit series, his character is not too happy about it. Not only because he’s worried about potentially endangering his ex-girlfriend’s life, but because now he has to explain to Hanna that he sees dead people -- specifically one he might be in love with.

“He ended things and wanted to end them on a pretty serious note so that she was hurt so that she didn’t follow him,” Blackburn explained to Huffington Post, referencing the tear-jerking “Pretty Little Liars” episode where Haleb breaks up. But Hanna, being the inquisitive and adventurous person she is, couldn’t help herself but take a 40 minute trek from Rosewood to see the man who broke her heart. "She immediately asks, ‘Where’s Miranda?’ and puts him in a position where he has to decide what to tell her and he really does open up to her gives her some answers. I think that although they are answers, they’re not ones that she’s not ready to hear,” he continued.

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Who should Caleb chose during the season finale of "Ravenswood"? Miranda of Hanna? Photo: Ravenswood

We bet. Learning that you’re jealous of a ghost must be pretty eye-widening.

“Obviously she finds the whole story a little unbelievable. However, one fact that she does know is that Miranda has passed away and the other details are sort of left up to her own opinion,” Blackburn admitted.

So what does Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) have to say about Hanna making her way into the “Ravenswood” finale? Well, the ghostly cutie is pretty distraught. “It’s hard for Miranda because Hanna comes back, and she sees them together,” Blackburn explained. “Miranda has not been completely vocal and honest about her feelings for Caleb. There’s this unspoken thing between the both of them, so she sees them together and realizes that they love each other so much. It puts her in a position where she feels like she can’t compete with Hanna. She’s a ghost. What’s actually going to happen between her and Caleb?”

Blackburn went on to say that Miranda’s character does feel a bit pushed to the side in the season finale, but not for long. “Her existence is compromised for good in this episode, so Caleb and the rest of them have to help protect her so that she can stick around. So she feels pushed aside, but then everyone redeems themselves, especially Caleb, when they come together to save her.”

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Will the curse of Ravenswood be lifted during the season 1 finale? Photo: Ravenswood

So, does that mean Luke, Remy, Olivia, Caleb and Hanna will beat the curse? “With the Pact, it all kind of comes to a head. In the past nine episodes, we’ve watched the gang try to figure out who created it and why they did so in the first place,” Blackburn said. “Well in the finale they actually confront the creator of the curse, and that person is a very powerful entity and Caleb and his friends are just mere humans. When we were shooting that scene there was fire and all these wind machines -- it was intense! And the situation grows even more [dire] for them when their lives are compromised and they get pretty close to death.”

Pretty close, you say? Does that mean we should expect a rather safe season finale of “Ravenswood”? Probably not but what you can except is to shed a tear or two. “I think people are going to love the stuff between Hanna and Caleb because it’s very emotionally fulfilling.”

What do you think will go down when “Ravenswood” airs its last episode of season 1 tonight on ABC Family? Should Caleb chose Hanna or Miranda?