“Pretty Little Liars” fans received good news and bad news this year. Viewers were ecstatic to learn that the ABC Family series would be getting a spin off called “Ravenswood” -- however, they were heartbroken when it was revealed that actor Tyler Blackburn would be leaving Hanna and the girls for the new show. Fortunately Blackburn’s character, Caleb, is not dead … or is he?

The very first teaser trailer for “Ravenswood” has hit the Web, and while it mainly shows clips from episode 6 of “Pretty Little Liars” fourth season, it also briefly flashes to Caleb. Episode 6, “Under The Gun,” focused on Spencer and Toby’s trip into Ravenswood to question former sorority house mother Mrs. Grunwald. The trip ended up being a bust for Toby and Spencer when Mrs. Grunwald claimed to not be who they thought she was. However, before the pair could leave the spooky town, they followed the Ravenswood townspeople as the sound of odd music drove them all to a graveyard. At the cemetery the people surrounded an angel statue -- and it was there in that unfamiliar looking crowd that Spencer found a face she recognized … Shana.

“The darkness comes to life,” teases the new trailer. Since the show has already revealed it will be taking a supernatural angle, did the video just reveal a horrible twist for Caleb?

Earlier this month Tyler Blackburn told ET Online that the show isn’t too supernatural. “I’m not fighting goblins … yet,” he dished. “It just has a tinge of supernatural stuff, so people will be intrigued.”

According to a press release for the new show, the “tinge” of supernatural is a deadly curse that has left Ravenswood residents suffering for generations … which fuels our personal theory that Caleb either dies and can only “live” in Ravenswood (kind of like the L.A. Murder House in “American Horror Story) or that he’s made a deal with the devil to protect Hanna.

To add onto the death idea, Spoiler TV got their hands on the title and synopsis for episode two. The second episode is currently titled, “Death And The Maiden,” and it will reportedly introduce a recurring character named Rochelle Matheson, the mother of regular characters Olivia and Like. However, Blackburn’s interview with ET Online kind of disproves the theory.

The actor explained that in the Halloween special, his final episode on “Pretty Little Liars,” the girls and Caleb uncover some mysteries – and one of them is why he heads to Ravenswood. “Hanna understands why,” Blackburn continued. “She courageously and graciously lets him stay, and, honestly, she tells him to stay in Ravenswood.”

“Ravenswood” will hit ABC Family this October. What do you think is up with Caleb and his new connection to “Ravenswood?” Will you be watching the “Pretty Little Liars” spin off? Let us know in the comments section.