The former Rutgers University student who secretly captured his gay roommate's sexual encounters on a webcam planned to host a viewing party, according to friends. Dharun Ravi is on trial in New Brunswick, N.J., for invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and a number of other criminal counts after his roommate, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge in September 2010. 

The report of the viewing party, came during a testimony from Michelle Huang on Monday. Huang, a high school friend of Ravi's and a Cornell University student, said he told her about the soiree in a conversation via text. 

The conversation, which took place on Sept. 21, 2010, went as follows, according to the New York Daily News:

Huang: Did you really see him make out with some guy lmao?

Ravi: He was older and creepy and def from the internet

Huang: That's so nastyyy. Ew watch out he might come for you when you're sleeping

Ravi: I got so creeped out after Sunday

Ravi: Keep the gays away

Huang testified that Ravi urged her to start a video chat with him so she could watch the webcam footage of Clementi's intimate encounter. Furthermore, Ravi also mentioned that he was organizing a viewing party, complete with rum and beer. The viewing party was meant to take place during Clementi's second date with the man. 

The following day, Clementi committed suicide after updating his Facebook page to say he was jumping off the George Washington Bridge. 

In response to the news of Clementi's suicide, Huang texted Ravi, Was he really that stressed? do you know what happened why he could commit suicide. Ravi, pleading ignorance, responded, No idea. He was quiet all the time and had no friends so i guess it makes sense.

When Huang pressed Ravi about the viewing party, he insisted that it was a joke all along, though witnesses have said the plans fell through because the webcam wasn't working that night. Ravi is not being charged with Clementi's death, but prosecutors may use the information from Huang's testimony to further their claims of bias intimidation. 

On Friday, the man who Clementi was supposedly seeing took to the stand. In order to protect his privacy, he was identified by his initials M.B. The 32-year-old man said that he did recall a webcam positioned in their direction, but did not make anything of it at the time. 

The defense maintains that Ravi was simply worried about potential theft from his dorm room, which is why he had set up the webcam -- even though it was pointed at Clementi's side of the room, not his own. If convicted of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy, the 20-year-old could face up to 10 years in prison.