Former B2K member Raz B is currently on life support after getting involved in an altercation in China on Thursday. The 28-year-old has been living there for three years and was performing at a nightclub when a fight broke out. Raz B then tried to stop the fight but got hit in the face with a glass bottle.

After the incident, his injuries did not seem life-threatening. According to TMZ,  he said, “F--k this sh-- hurts. I have a fu--ing hole in my lip. Thank God I made it to the hospital.”

However, by Friday, Raz B was in a coma and breathing from a ventilator while going in and out of consciousness. Though he left the hospital Thursday after receiving stitches, he did not wake up on Friday morning, and one of his backup dancers rushed the singer to the hospital. Doctors say he is in critical condition. "He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible," Raz B's rep told TMZ.

The former B2K member was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and rose to fame with the release of B2K's first album, "B2K," in 2002, and later, "Pandemonium," which featured the hit singles “Bump, Bump, Bump,” and “Girlfriend.” He was also acted in the 2003 movie “You Got Served.” Around the time the movie was released, the group's manager, Chris Stokes, announced that the group had split due to internal disagreements.

In 2011, Elayne Rivers, Raz B's publicist, announced that he would tour in China. Raz B has since performed shows in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Zhengzhou and Shenyang, among others.